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Atelier Cillian's Stephen Mikhail - headshot by Karl Simone.jpg


designed by Stephen Mikhail

A British-American, Stephen Mikhail spent his life split between both countries. 


From a young age, Stephen could be found painting and drawing opulent scenes and portraits of historical figures. The suppressive religious atmosphere of his Catholic upbringing forced his mind to escape into daydreams, while the religious mythology was endlessly intriguing and thought-provoking. 


Stephen’s penchant for art and creativity led to fashion internships from the age of 17, with stints at Catherine Malandrino and Diane von Furstenberg in New York before going on to work under Alexander McQueen in London. Subsequently, he made the decision that he wanted free reign over his own line. He started in womenswear at the age of 19 and garnered success dressing noteworthy names from Paris Hilton to Jane Fonda.


Atelier Cillian was conceptualized as an amalgamation of Stephen's past experiences and the imagery and ideas that inspired him from the time he was a child. From religion to sexuality, to his British-American background, Stephen pulls endless inspiration from such subjects.


The brand makes its debut at NYFW with its AW22 Collection titled “The Misdeeds of Dashwood”, inspired by the legendary Hellfire Club. Prior to launch, Stephen has been fostering relationships with celebrity stylists and VIP clients, creating custom pieces for the likes of Steve Aoki and Machine Gun Kelly.


Atelier Cillian can be recognized for its inherent duality between masculine and feminine. From strong tailoring to delicate draping, there is a harmonious paradoxical aspect to the clothing. Whether it's drawing from womenswear fabrics and techniques as inspiration, or reinterpreting what has been considered quintessentially “masculine” from the time of antiquity through the modern era - the clothing becomes unmistakably sartorial menswear with a dark, nontraditional twist.

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