In 2017 Pablo Leon founded the label HIM NYC, feeling a need to express his queer and brown identity in a climate focused on its erasure. HIM NYC characterizes the disruption of classic tailoring techniques, ideals of masculinity and machismo and gender constructs, creating an aesthetic that  is romantically minimal and eclectic.


Mexico born, California raised, Leon studied fashion design for just a couple years before dropping out and working for LA-based designer Cynthia Vincent. He moved to New York for an opportunity with Phillip Lim, and later Carlos Campos. During his time at Carlos Campos, he created looks and dressed top reggaeton artists such as J. Balvin and Daddy Yankee.


In 2019 he turned his attention to sustainability within fashion, releasing a capsule focused on reclaiming discarded garments, and deadstock fabrications.  The interactive and shoppable collection REHECHO/REMADE invites the observer to become part of the never-ending life cycle of our clothing: from here they are once again faced with the question, re-wear, repurpose, or recycle?

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