Mined on Denim


Mined on Denim, is expanded upon my 2018 NYFW collection. I poured everything I love into this collection and it is the ultimate expression of who I am as a designer.   My goal is to create and grow my own, sustainable label where I can share the inspiration of my life and help bring about positive change in the fashion industry. 


I have had numerous careers up to this point, including scientist, USMC Intelligence Officer, backpacking guide, multiple business owner and retail General Manager.  All those amazing experiences have acted as a never ending resources to pull inspiration and designs. After years of trying out different carriers, one inspirational trip to Rio changed everything. Everything about Rio was beautiful and the joy and ease in their clothing was something I felt was missing from America, so upon return, my best friend and I started a small resort clothing line. Very quickly I knew this was my path.  This was my passion and this was my future. After a few years of not knowing what the heck I was doing in design, I set out on mastering the craft, with my MFA degree from the Academy of Art University in Fashion Design a direct result.

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