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designed by Earth and Nicholas

At Earthling, we, Earth and Nicholas, both 27 and originally from Minnesota, strongly believe in always evolving and moving forward. “Vision in Progress” sums up our move from a small town to Los Angeles right after high school to chase our dreams. Our backgrounds in dance and the arts have shaped how we think and create, mixing old traditions with new ideas and keeping innovation at the forefront of our minds. “Student of the game, Being of the earth.”


We started Earthling because clothing has always spoken to us. Growing up in the dance community, clothing is just as important as the moves: “You look good, you feel good, you dance good.” On and off the dance floor, clothing became the first thing we thought about when we woke up, setting our mood for the day. Experimenting with connecting expression and feeling through clothing became our language. It became our daily conversation, and before we knew it, we were knee-deep in collecting vintage clothing, learning about quality, fabric, and construction by handling millions of items.


Early on, around 2017, we started selling vintage to friends, then at flea markets, and soon we had our first “showroom” in our living room of a two-bedroom apartment. At this point, we realized we were deeply in love with clothing in all its facets. During the pandemic in 2019, we risked it all and used our savings to move into our first official showroom space, wanting to expand the experience for our supporters. We built a strong foundation of people who trusted our taste level and wanted to purchase the items we hand-selected.


This love grew into a big dream to create new things in fashion, using what we know about classic looks through vintage and trying out new ways to introduce clothing. Stepping into the world of luxury design in 2022, we dropped our first collection. We aim to bring something different to fashion, something that feels classic yet fresh and new.


We think of our clothes as more than just something to wear; they are pieces of art we’ve carefully made. Each one shows our promise to go beyond what’s usual in fashion while still celebrating its deep roots. Our love for the energy of hip-hop and our experiences in the dance world fuel our creativity, mixing old stories of movement with new ideas. Our clothes tell a story, connecting the past and present, tradition and innovation, in a big celebration of life and all our journeys together.


Earthling is all about endless possibilities. Despite having no formal fashion training, we believe there’s no limit to what we can imagine. We invite everyone into a world filled with creativity, celebrating not just where we’ve been but also the endless possibilities ahead.

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