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designed by Maya Wang

Founded by self-taught designer Maya Wang, FRIED RICE is a genderless urban clothing brand based in New York. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s surroundings in the Lower East Side, Wang likened the confluence of the various textures and identities to the ingredients that form fried rice. 


Since that beginning, FRIED RICE has come to represent an ethos and a (now global) community that celebrates and supports this diversity of creative and cultural perspectives in our own neighborhoods and in urban life around the world. Stylistically, FRIED RICE is distinguished by its 100% unisex perspective, quirky “mashed up” creativity, inventive styling details, and a mad obsession with outstanding fabrics.


FRIED RICE is sold in their SoHo flagship store, located at 239 Mulberry Street in New York, as well as in specialty stores around the world and online. Recently, the brand has participated in New York Men’s Day, Complex Con, and the MADE x Pay Pal festival. The brand was a finalist for the Fashion Group International Rising Star Award in the genderless category in 2021.