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jahnkoy designers


designed by Burkindy and Marusya Tamboura

JAHNKOY is a NYC based, family fashion brand by Burkindy and Marusya Tamboura. JAHNKOY is a global movement towards craftsmanship and cultural restoration. The purpose of JAHNKOY is to redefine and rebuild creative expression in adornment and to restore the tremendous variety of skills and techniques that our ancestors used for the garment's creation. JAHNKOY stands for the cultural unity of all nations and emphasizes craft as an ultimate tool towards the healing of mankind. JAHNKOY garments are hand-crafted in Brooklyn, NYC, with the hand-made materials sourced from artisanal communities around the world.

JAHNKOY has started as a craftivist art/fashion practice with Marusya’s graduate collection from Parsons MFA «Fashion Design & Society» (2016). Emphasizing the necessity of global cultural restoration and the revival of craftsmanship through the lens of Sportswear the collection «Displaced» underlined the urgency of racial equality, diversity and sustainability in Fashion Industry. Following that,
JAHNKOY has been developing through a series of socio-cultural fashion projects over the period of 5 years. The work was realized through the creation of fashion shows, exhibitions, community events and workshops. it has been presented in NYC, USA, as well travelled to South Africa, Brazil, China, India and Russia. Projects were created, as a part of JAHNKOY’s residency at Restoration-Art
Cultural Center, (Brooklyn) and has been supported by PUMA and Swarovski.

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