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designed by Andre Landeros Michel

New York-based designer Andre Landeros Michel of LANDEROS NEW YORK has an

undeniable connection to music. Each collection emerges from the soundtracks of his youth.

Immersing himself in music for weeks at a time, Andre allows the blend of goth, punk,

new wave, and industrial music genres to inspire and initiate his design process.

LANDEROS NEW YORK is dark, romantic and gender neutral at its core.

By intricately weaving his love of art and new wave music into the fabric and design of each

collection, Andre Landeros Michel crafts the distinct LANDEROS NEW YORK aesthetic.

Exaggerated silhouettes and details derive inspiration from new wave album artwork and

80's nightlife subcultures. LANDEROS NEW YORK enjoys blurring and eliminating sartorial

gender binaries, allowing the individual to imbue their own meaning into each piece. A truly

genderless, or agender collection, LANDEROS NEW YORK is a label for the daring.

With a cult following, celebrities the likes of Emmy-award winning star Billy Porter, Jeremy

Pope, Dashaun Wesley and musicians such as Neko Case, FisherSpooner, Fantasia, Moses

Sumney, Honey Dijon, Greyson Chance, Bright Light Bright Light, Cakes Da Killa, all count

on LANDEROS NEW YORK for their bespoke red carpet and stage performance looks.

LANDEROS NEW YORK has also expanded into the world of costume design. Andre has

created costumes for the HBO MAX dance/voguing competition series LEGENDARY for

both Season 2 and Season 3 respectively.

LANDEROS NEW YORK continues to cast models of a variety of races, skin tones, and

ethnic backgrounds, championing diversity + equality and always seeks to find beauty

in the unconventional.

LANDEROS NEW YORK has been featured in the pages of American Vogue, British Vogue,

Vogue Italia, Harper's Bazaar India, Marie Claire, Numero, GO and WWD to name a few.

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