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designed by Santanna "Saint" Hayes and Deklyen Tormier

Santanna "Saint" Hayes

Santanna "Saint" Hayes is a lifelong creative whose creative journey began in middle school in the late '90s with his passion for photography and Photoshop. Despite pursuing a fulfilling 15+ year career in counseling and social work, where he ascended to executive leadership roles, photography & creativity remained a steadfast passion. Taking a bold leap into entrepreneurship, Saint fully embraced his creative calling, achieving notable success in photography, television, and film. His work has been featured on several platforms, including CNN, Good Morning America, Essence, Rolling Out, Madame Noire, InStyle, and Allure. Beyond photography, Saint has produced two documentaries and a full-feature film.


Building on years of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle photography, Saint co-created the men's fashion brand Sermon Series with fellow designer DeKylen Tormier. This venture was a natural progression after a successful photo campaign they collaborated on in 2021.  Saint has spent the past three years immersing himself in the fashion world, primarily in Paris and New York. Sermon Series, a sustainable, luxury men's brand, is a fusion of spiritual truths and the boundless canvas of fashion, a testament to Saint's innovative & creative spirit. The brand also pays homage to his late father, Pastor Stanley Hayes I., whose spiritual teachings deeply influenced him. Sermon Series unveiled its first line (FW24) at Place De Vosges in Paris, France on February 28th.


Santanna continues to explore and expand his creative and entrepreneurial endeavors, leaving a mark of inspiration and achievement in every field he touches.


Deklyen Tormier

De'Kylen Tormier’s journey into the world of fashion began during his pursuit of the American dream, earning a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in higher education. Despite his academic success, Tormier realized that education alone did not guarantee access to the American dream, leading him to seek a life of creative expression.

In 2015, after completing his master's degree, Tormier moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting, attending an acting bootcamp. His exploration of the arts eventually took him to Atlanta, Georgia where he delved into photography, painting, and fashion. Fashion, in particular, captivated him, partly due to his family heritage—his great-grandfather was a tailor, and his great-grandmother was a seamstress.

Gifted a Singer sewing machine, Tormier was determined to master the art of fashion design, including the skills to cut, sew, and create his own clothing. He began designing one-of-a-kind pieces for himself and others. In 2019, Tormier launched his own clothing line, "I AM THAT I AM," which reflects his deep connection with God and the inherent greatness within everyone. During a creative discussion with photographer Santanna Hayes on the set of a photoshoot campaign for his brand, a new project was envisioned. In 2022, he partnered with Hayes to create the "Sermon Series," a menswear brand that embodies a spiritual journey through fashion design. The collection focuses on creativity and spiritual symbolism, aiming to help individuals express their spiritual journeys through fashion.

Tormier's passion for fashion is deeply rooted in his desire to blend artistry and spirituality, creating garments that tell a story and resonate on a personal level.

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