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designed by Jack Sivan

Jack Sivan is a sustainable menswear designer whose work is inspired by traditional tailoring. He is passionate about the craft of garment making, menswear and its expanding definition, and sustainable manufacturing, which he believes is inherent in good design. 


Jack’s roots as a designer began with a childhood love of art. Growing up in Boston he had the freedom to pursue a variety of arts before finding fashion. Inspired by historic Saville Row and Neapolitan tailoring traditions, Jack fell in love with men’s suiting. As a teen he taught himself how to sew and created an upcycled bowtie company. He went on to receive a formal arts education at the Rhode Island School of Design and holds a BFA in Apparel Design and a minor in Sustainability Studies. 


Jack’s career took him through a range of creative labels before began his own. His brand, Sivan, began with bespoke garments for a dedicated clientele. He is currently working to expand his brand’s scope, creating a ready-to-wear line centered around his twin passions, sustainability and tailoring. Jack is dedicated to making pieces that clients are excited to wear everyday and will stand firm to the test of time. 


Jack lives in Brooklyn with his fiancée, guinea pigs, and three sewing machines.

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