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designed by Skylar Hertz

Born in Miami Beach, Skylar Hertz was raised by two art majors that met at Brooklyn College. Skylar Was surrounded by art and gained a lot of his creative inspiration from his mother's works, which ranged from giant pop art pieces to small watercolor paintings. Both of his parents grew up as Brooklynites, resulting in Brooklyn being a second home for Skylar. After graduating high school he decided to attend Baruch College for Entrepreneurship until the COVID pandemic put a halt to his traditional studies. However, this was the time Skylar taught himself how to use a sewing machine and kickstarted his brand, SKYCO. After launching his brand he transferred to Parsons to further sharpen his fashion design skills. SKYCO which patently stands for Skylar’s Company is a culmination of callbacks to his personal interests and life inspirations – growing up on the beach, exploring his Italian American culture, indulging in cartoons, and the delight of pop art. Crafting a brand where customers can relish in a feeling of nostalgia while still looking on trend and youthful. Since its inception in 2019, SKYCO has gone on to have collaborations with brands such as Kidsuper, Angel Chen, and NSS Magazine. SKYCO is available for purchase on as well as specialty retailers!

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